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Transmission Flush And Service Special!

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To celebrate our 13th year in business, save 10% on labor servicing your vehicles transmission! Service includes a full 40 minute flush using 3 gallons of ATF to properly flush your transmission, cooler lines and cooler! Then we will service the unit as required removing the transmission's pan, installing a new filter, cleaning and prepping for reinstallation of the oil pan and replacement of the pan gasket if required (SOME UNITS HAVE REUSABLE GASKETS!), Adjustments to Cable or Bands if required and resetting of Transmission computer if needed. Finally refilling the system with ATF and a complete road test, rechecking for leaks and fluid level prior to delivery to the customer! This Quality service usually takes an 1 and 1/2 to properly perform and deliver to the customer! Any Questions feel free to call! Thank You!
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