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The Top Tech Repair staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our customers in Billings and the greater Yellowstone County community are the most valued assets of our Billings area auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from car owners and equally happy to share their feedback with you! So if you live in Billings or the surrounding Yellowstone County area please consider our shop for all your car repair and service needs.

John Halla from Minneapolis Minnesota

We can not say enough good things about Darrin! We wish he ad a shop in Minneapolis!

Walt Miller from Billings Montana

very satisfied, they are always upfront with problems and cost! Really appreciate the service!

Bob Stison from Kingston Washington

My emergency repairs were handled like we were longtime customers. Tops!!!!

Laura Brent from Billings Montana

I had no idea where to go to have my car fixed. I was at the gas station and had fuel leaking everywhere!! --- AAA gave me there name. They fixed my fuel lines. They were wounderful!!!

Sam Whitmore from Billings Montana

Very GREAT service!! Will recommend to EVERYONE!!!!

Sonja Miller from Billings Montana

It is hard to find a mechanic you can trust. I love Top Tech and I trust them to provide excellent service on my car. They always prioritize my cars needs and understand financial constraints. I would highly recommend them to everyone!

Julio from Billings Montana

These people have gone above and beyond for me. I remember one time I was gone, my neighbor called me saying my other car's alarm was going off. I got a hold of Melissa and she went over right away and got it to stop. It was dinner time!! Darin and his team take such good care of my 1993 Mercury!

William Sutton from Billings Montana

Excellent Work. I was told all about the problems and the car was on time.

Norma Versakos from Albuquerque Montana

Everyone pleasent,surroundings the cleanest, recent I've seen in auto repair shops.

Janice Hobbs from Billings Montana

Spotless Shop!! Friendly personnel. Estimate explained--Did NOT pressure me to have them so the work.

Melinda Kowalska from Portland Oregon


David Miller from Billings Montana


Marianne Miller from Billings Montana


Loretta Rodriguez from Billings Montana

Professional, knowledgeable employees - EXCELLENT repair work.

Curtis Elkshoulder from Lame Deer Montana

Top Tech was proven to be great with thier customer service. However, the vehicle my mother-in-law put there in 2007 is still there to this day. Also having spent 2400.00 dollars over what she was quoted and guranteed. For the last year we have been told all the vehicle needed was a paint job and winshield, in what sense does this company come off to rip off an elderly woman who has been more than compliant to fit the needs of Top Tech's mechanics and also to the vehicle that she wants back so bad. I believe some sort of explaianation is due to her for this and an apology is in order. Does it really take four and a half years to fix a body, radiator, tranny, and to get the vehicle painted. I don't think so!!!

Sara O'callaghan from Fairbanks Alaska

We were driving from Kansas to Alaska when we woke up in a hotel in Billings and realized our tired were really messed up. We were unsure as to where to go but AAA recommended top tech. We went to top tech west and ever since our experience there we constantly brag about the staff and the work ethic around the place. I cannot believe how much the manager went out of his way to make sure our little car would make it all the way to Alaska, and for such a crazy awesome price. All I have to say is there is not alot of places like top tech around, everyones trying to find things wrong with your car so they can squeeze extra money out of you, but at top tech the manager was helping us find the cheapest solutions to our problems and cut us a really crazy deal on a new set of tires. I'm serious when i say that without top tech, we would not have made it past Edmonton Canada. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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