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Is It Important To Change Oil And Oil Filter On Schedule Important?

Yes! Top Tech Automotive tells our customers in the Billings area that lubricating a vehicle's engine's moving parts is the most important job of a vehicle's motor oil. Top Tech Automotive tells our customers that dirty motor oil wears out engine parts much quicker and that clean motor oil cleans the inner parts of a vehicle's engine as well as helping to cool it. Motor oil serves to seal the space between an engine's piston rings and cylinder walls, forming enough of a seal to help prevent loss of power and increase and engine's operating economy.

Changing an engine's oil without replacing the oil filter can result in the new oil picking up the contaminants trapped in the old oil filter and recirculating them to the engine's moving parts.

Change the oil and oil filter before leaving the Billings area for an extended road trip. The more contaminated the oil, the faster a vehicle's engine will consume it. Frequently having an oil and filter change by the staff at Top Tech Automotive is an effective way to increase the life of your vehicle - one of your most expensive and valuable possessions. The auto repair mechanics at Top Tech Automotive recommend changing your car's oil and oil filter every 3,000-5,000 miles.